Emma Cheung is a User Experience and Interface Designer from Hong Kong based in Los Angeles. With a background in branding, she crafts innovative solutions for digital products and printed media. She is also an art educator, drawer, painter and ceramic sculptor. Her latest project was designing the Asia Technology Entrepreneurship Conference 2021 contest website for the ATEC Group.
I will be graduating from Columbia University in 2021 with a Master of Art and Art Education. I had a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing, Ceramics and Graphic Design from University of Southern California.

Started off with creating visual identities for small businesses and non-profits as well as exhibition graphics for artists and fellow creatives, I ventured into web design. As I learned more about interaction design and user interface design, I discovered how much I enjoyed creating purposeful experience for the users. This led me to the world of information architecture and user experience design, which enabled me to design intentional solutions that not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations.
I design with passion and purpose.

My passion for understanding people and creating innovative solutions help brands strike a balance between users’ needs and business goals. I approach each project by conducting research to understand my users’ desires and behaviors, then translating business strategies into emotionally resonant, aesthetically pleasing interfaces that enhances users’ holistic experience.

I’m motivated to make a social impact that changes the world through creativity and am looking to work with a team to create products that inspire people and add value to our community.
Contact me
Email is the best way to reach me: tyemmac@gmail.com